Welcome to the Sufra!

Sufra, meaning, dining table, is where Palestinian families would gather to communally eat together, share memories and enjoy the slower pace of life. As a tribute to this age-old tradition, Haya recreates that feeling at her sufra table. 

Along with the homemade Palestinian comfort food and the stories of the land, the music is also beautifully curated by The Flip Side. 

Menu Theme

A traditional Palestinian menu with welcome nibbles, 3 appetizers, a main dish and dessert. Dinners are all served in a family style setup as a tribute to Haya's family gatherings. Please note that allergy restrictions can't be accommodated. 

Private Bookings 

If you would like to book a full private table for you and your friends, please drop me a message on Instagram or an email and I'd be happy to set it up for you!