Hi, I'm Haya Bishouty

I'm Palestinian by blood, Jordanian by nationality with a bit of Greek, Emirati and Egyptian by residency. 

I'm the proud daughter of THE best parents, the best friend of the greatest sister, the aunt to an incredible nephew, the wife of the coolest dude, and the mama of 3 beautiful cats! 

I've officially been given the honorable title of the community Teta (grandma) who loves to feed everyone. A title I hold very close to my heart.  

What is Haya's Kitchen?

Born in 2020, Haya's Kitchen is an experience-based concept that's a tribute to Palestine, Tetas and Traditions. Haya runs sufra dinners to bring people together around a communal table, workshops to preserve the ancestral traditions and skills, and pop ups to spread the love for street food.